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Usain Bolt Attempts to Break Record in Rio

(image courtesy of Olympic sprinter from Jamaica, Usain Bolt, will attempt to break his own record on Sunday, March 31st in the 150 meter race during the Male Olympian race at the Mano a Mano event on Copacabana Beach. Bolt … [Read More...]

History of Capoeira Dance Fighting

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that has deep roots in the history of the country. It powerfully combines the art of dance and fighting in one and involves very quick and complex moves, speed, and leverage for high leg sweeps. Capoeira was … [Read More...]

Cultural Traditions and Festivals Unique to Brazil

Brazil is a country that  is well known and loved for its rich cultural traditions and fun festivals. Traditions and festivals center around sports, religion, and even a martial art practice unique to only Brazil. Carnival The festival of … [Read More...]

Praia do Toque, Alagoas

Praia do Toque, Alagoas Praia do Toque is just one of many beautiful beaches along the endless sandy Alagoas coastline, named Costa dos Corais (Coral Coast) after the enormous coral reef just off the coast's shore. The 20km ecological route where Pr … [Read More...]

Fun and Serenity at Lopes Mendes Beach

To reach Lopes Mendes beach you must first take a 3 hour bus and boat trip from Rio de Janeiro to the beautiful island of Ilha Grande. Ilha Grande is considered to have some of the nicest beaches in Brazil, with Lopes Mendes being one of them. In … [Read More...]

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha An absolute beautiful paradise, just off the north-east coast of Brazil is Fernando de Noronha. Finding a white sand beach is an easy task on the small volcanic island, but visiting three specific ones is essential: Praia do … [Read More...]

Caraiva, Bahia Beach – Brazil

These white sands and clear blue waters are home to a small village. Caraiva is quiet, quaint, and peaceful. Come here if you're looking to get away, prance around freely and comfortably and not be judged by anyone. Don't forget to check out the … [Read More...]

Alter do Chao, Pará

Alter do Chao, Pará Alter do Chão is a village town in the state of Pará, Brazil, only a short drive (45 minutes) from the Amazon port City of Santerem. Brazilian locals have vacationed here for many years, and more recently this beach town has been … [Read More...]

Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

Arpoador Beach, Rio de Janerio Arpoador Beach takes over 800 meters of coastline that includes the infamous areas of Ipanema and Leblon beaches. The beach is peaceful, although sometimes crowded. People love to jump off of the rocks on the coastline … [Read More...]


Carnival Information

Champions Parade in Rio After 2013 Carnival Close

Another year of Carnival came to a close last Saturday (February 16th), it was closed by the winner’s parade. There was a huge crowd turnout to see the G.R.E.S. Unidos de Vila Isabel make their victory parade. The night was opened with Grande Rio giving a performance examining the oil industry in Rio, and hinting […]

Monobloco Closes 2013 Carnival

Carnival officially ends on Fat Tuesday, which was last Tuesday, February 12th. However, 48 blocos continued to parade down the streets of Rio over the weekend. There was even an appearance from ‘Blue Man Group’. The group Monobloco closed out the ceremonies with it’s performance that drew 500,000. Monobloco is well known for performing songs […]

Carnival 2013 Winner Announced

On Wednesday afternoon, February 13th, G.R.E.S. Unidos de Vila Isabel was announced winner of this year’s Carnival in Rio. This marks the third championship for the samba school and the closing of Carnival. Crowds and judges alike were amazed by Vila Isabel’s theme presentation: A Vila canta o Brasil, celeiro do mundo – Água no feijão […]

Brazil Vacations

Rio Hotel Rates to be Controlled by Brazilian Government

Brazil has numerous major sporting events coming up, including the FIFA Confederations Cup, the FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics. In light of this, the Brazilian government has promised to monitor hotel rates to ensure they don’t take advantage of the events and raise rated to levels to high for tourists. Gaston Vieira, […]

Bed and Breakfasts in Brazil

There is a huge selection of wonderful hotel accommodations throughout Brazil, all with great amenities, courteous staff, and well designed rooms. However, some travelers feel that hotels can lack a personalized experience, and instead opt for a local bed and breakfast. Bed and Breakfasts are typically renovated homes that have rooms made available for guests and typically have […]

Booking a Travel Package to Brazil

Brazil has so much to see, do, explore, listen to, eat, and experience that sometimes (especially if it’s your first visit) it’s easiest to book a vacation package in order to get the most out of your vacation and reduce stress. Brazil’s a big country, with a lot to offer, so booking a travel package […]

Tourist Destinations

Easter 2013 in Rio

The long Easter weekend in Rio is a special holiday. Known as “Semana Santa” is a time of long-held Easter traditions and religious celebration. Around this time you’ll also find many non-religious events being held. Good Friday, or “Sexta Paixao”, is a national holiday in Brazil, with most businesses and schools closing on Thursday, Friday, […]

Rainy Day Activities in Rio

We always wish you sunshine during your visit to Rio, but inevitably you’ll experience a rainy day or two. Don’t look at it as a day-destroyer, instead look at it as an opportunity to explore all that Rio has to offer indoors! Here we’ve compiled a list of 8 things to keep you busy on […]

5 Kid Friendly Things to do in Sao Paulo

Zoológico This zoo is very large and has a quite impressive amount of species on exhibit, over 3,000 in fact. Most of the animals in the enclosures are in representations of their native habitats. With lunch and picnic areas, and a petting zoo for smaller children, this makes a perfect place to spend the day […]