Bars, Clubs, Theaters, Museums, Libraries Closed During Fire Safety Checks in Rio

Sergio Simões, secretary of civil defense, talks about fire safety, photo by Marcelo Horn/Imprensa RJ.

In response to the tragic fire that killed 231 people in the Rio nightclub in January 2013, authorities have been conducting license and safety checks across Brazil. This has resulted in over 120 venues being closed. Outside of this, another fifty commercial premises remain open after the checks, but have received fines, and another twenty received warnings.

“We never had targets [for inspections in the past]. Now we understand that this is necessary. We are establishing targets that must be met. Inspections are vitally important for the prevention of fires,” said Colonel Sergio Simoes, the commanding general of Rio de Janeiro’s Fire Brigade in regards to the safety checks.

Rio is currently crowded with people from all over the world who have come to attend the yearly Carnival, so these safety checks couldn’t have come at a better time. Some of the closings unfortunately did include live samba music venues that are popular during Carnival, however safety is of a primary concern.

“Let’s see how long it’s closed for though,” said a local Rio expatriot in regards to the closing of one of his favorite venues. “Frequently these places make the necessary changes and reopen quite quickly.”

“It is sad that business owners here are being punished for a tragedy that happened in one place in the south. The authorities are making sure they are all over the news being vigilant on security when perhaps they should just be doing their job as usual.” said a nightclub owner. Their opinion isn’t alone, as many nightclub and bar owners feel they were within the law, but were still shut down, causing a wave of frustration in the country.

A current list of closings is as follows:

Clubs and Bars

Turma OK
Cine Ideal
Le Boy
Quintal Carioca
Centro Cultura Carioca
Casa de Festas Infantil Alakazan
Casa Rosa
Casa da Matriz
00 (zero-zero)
Mud Bug
Oi Futuro

Bronx Bar
Alto Lapa

Teatro Odisséia
Garagem Gamboa
Scala Rio

Partially closed Clubs and Bars *These clubs remain open as bars and dining institutions, but cannot operate as clubs.*
Carioca da Gema

Milano Lounge
Bar do Copa
Blue Agave (no live music)

Esquina Teatro Bar

Museu da Imagem e do Som
Museu Carmen Miranda
Museu do Ingá
Casa França-Brasil,
Memorial Getúlio Vargas

Mario Iago
Candido Mendes

Glaucio Gill
Armando Gonzaga
Arthur Azevedo
Teatro Municipal Carlos Gomes

Teatro Municipal do Jockey
Sala Municipal Baden Powell
Teatro Municipal de Marionetes Carlos Werneck

Teatro Municipal Gonzaguinha
Teatro Municipal Café Pequeno
Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto
Teatro Municipal Ziembinsky
Teatro Municipal Maria Clara Machado