Booking a Travel Package to Brazil

Brazil has so much to see, do, explore, listen to, eat, and experience that sometimes (especially if it’s your first visit) it’s easiest to book a vacation package in order to get the most out of your vacation and reduce stress. Brazil’s a big country, with a lot to offer, so booking a travel package and thoroughly exploring one area at a time is ideal. Here’s some packages we ran across recently to get you started on your travel plans.


Company: BrazilTravel.Com

Length of Time: 3 days, 2 nights

Price: $1,040 per person

Description: You are greeted at the airport and transported to your hotel on the first day, you can then explore the city on your own. On the second day you engage in a four hour tour of Sao Paulo highlights, such as the imponent Se Cathedral, the Pateo do Colegio, or the Japanese neighborhood. After this tour, you are taken to visit one of the city’s most sophisticated neighborhoods, Paulista Avenue. Here you’ll get to see the Sao Paulo museum and its collection of modern art, shop in the Jardins area, and have lunch. Then, you’re off to visit Ibirapuera Park, which also features a snake farm. You’ll head home, or to your next destination on the third day.


Company: BrazilTravil.Com

Length of Time: 6 days, 5 nights

Price: $3,674 per person

Description: On the first day you’ll arrive at the airport and be transferred to Pousada Aguapé. Here you’ll be welcomed with drinks and a tour presentation. On the second and third days you’ll enjoy two tours of the surrounding Pantanal rainforest each day. On the fourth day you’ll be taken to see Fazenda Boca da Onça in the Serra da Bodoquena Region, where you’ll see waterfalls, beautiful preserved forest, the Salobra river, natural pools, and one of the state’s highest waterfalls – the Boca da Onça Waterfall, 156 meters high. On the fifth day you’ll float on the Sucuri river and then enjoy a boat ride across the river to a snorkeling activity. On the 6th day before departure you will be taken to see the Grota do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave), a beautiful grotto.

Simply Rio de Janeiro

Company: Rio.Com

Length of Time: 5 nights, 6 days

Price: Depending on dates selected

Description: On the first day you’ll arrive at your hotel for a meet and greet and get settled in. On the second day, you will be taken on a half-day city tour to see downtown Rio, starting at the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.You then get to see Sugar Loaf Mountain for a spectacular view of Guanabara Bay. On day three you’ll relax on the beach or in the city. Day four includes a half day tour, including visiting the Christ Redeemer statue. Day five is another free day for leisure or exploration. And then you depart on days 6.

Colonial Brazil

Company: Rio.Com

Length of Time: 9 nights, 10 days

Price: Depends on dates chosen

Description: On day one you’ll be greeted and arrive at your hotel. On the second day, you’ll spend a half day touring downtown Rio and SugarLoaf Mountain. On day three, you’ll visit the Christ Redeemer statue. On day four you’ll transfer out of your hotel and proceed to fly into Belo Horizont and check into your hotel. You’ll then have a walking tour on day five and lunch in Ouro Preto. Day six will be a leisure day in Ouro Preto. On day seven you’ll be transferred to Salvador city, where you’ll get to see its famous religious art and Pelourinho district on day eight. On day nine you will explore the city at your leisure, including seeing cigar making, traditional markets, and much more. On day ten you’ll board your departure flight home or to your next destination.