Carnival Ticket Sales are Reopened

The Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro (LIESA) reopened its sales of 17,354 special bleacher and individual seating tickets for the Special Group Carnival parades to be held this year in Rio.

The event will take place on the Carnival nights of Sunday, February 10th and Monday, February 11th. The tickets had been previously reserved, but were not paid for by their due date, December 20th. The tickets are only being made available for current residents of the Rio metropolitan area. 1,750 tickets were set to the side already for out of country attendees.  Buyers who did not pay for the tickets in full the first time around are now ineligible to re-purchase. Social security numbers will be kept track of in order to prohibit these buyers.

If unable to attend the or obtain tickets to this year’s Carnival events, there is fortunately the option of also attending local technical rehearsals. Each Samba school has a scheduled rehearsal date that you can obtain by contacting them. During these rehearsals the floats and costumes will not be on display, but the school will sing and play their theme song, or Sambo-Enredo.

Those interested in buying tickets to Carnival events, please see the phone reservation numbers below:

Arquibancadas (Grandstands):
Sector 2 (R$200): 3445-0002
Sector 3 (R$200): 3445-0003
Sector 4 (R$260): 3445-0004
Sector 5 (R$260): 3445-0005
Sector 6 (R$300): 3445-0006
Sector 7 (R$300): 3445-0007
Sector 8 (R$320): 3445-0008
Sector 10 (R$200): 3445-0010
Sector 11 (R$200): 3445-0011

Cadeiras (Chairs):
Sector 12: (R$130): 3445-0012
Sector 13: (R$130): 3445-0013