Dining Well in Brazil


Did you know the national dish of Brazil is Feijoada? Here it is shown above. Steaming hot black beans and a slew of various tender meats. You can find this dish in a wider array of restaurants, and you’ll quite easily become obsessed with it. Furthermore, no restaurant cooks it exactly the same.

Now, Fejjoada is easy to find, but what about other gourmet Brazilian dishes? Well, there’s plenty. Brazilians know how to do food, and do it well. They also typically offer more than just a meal – it becomes a whole experience. Here’s some other ways to keep up the dining spirit of Brazil:

  • Street Food: You can get practically anything from street vendors that line the streets of Brazil, so don’t shy away from them – they carry some of Brazil’s best kept food secrets. You can get delicious prawns, chicken, tapioca pancakes, and much more, and it’s cheap!


  • Porcao:  This is a Brazilian chain restaurant – be sure not to pass it up because some of the best cuts of beef are served here. As long as you want it, meat after tender meat will be brought to your table and sliced fresh and hot right before your eyes.


  • Gourmet Eats in São Paulo: Here you’ll find the best chefs and have some of the best restaurant experiences that Brazil has to offer. Some fine dining places we recommend are: Figueira Rubaiyat and D.O.M. The latter of the two also has a great wine selection that pairs beautifully with its dishes.
  • Regional Cuisine of Belém: This Amazonian restaurant has some of the best food available because they have the best access to rich ingredients – more so than most other restaurants in Brazil. Cooking is all done by local chefs, and gives a wonderful take of down-home Brazilian cooking.


  • Moquecas in Salvador: stew of fresh seafood with coconut milk, lime juice, cilantro, and red dendê palm oil – phenomenal. Trust us, they’re famous for it.
  • Le Pré Catelan – Here you’ll find a 10 course Amazonian meal that is more than just food, it’s a whole experience. It’s headed up by a French chef, Roland Villard, and his take on Amazonian cuisine is unique in that it uses ingredients not native to Brazil – most Brazilians aren’t even familiar with his ingredients.
  • Confeitaria Colombo – We’re not lying when we say this coffee has an elegant flair. Definitely a great place to stop for a fabulous brew while gawking at the beautiful architecture and decor.


5 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro You Must Try


If you’re looking for some Portuguese fair, Antiquarius is the place to go.  It’s rather pricey, but the food is fantastic, such as their scene stealing Bacalhau a Lagareiro – a cod fish entree. The ambience seems calm, cool, and collected – with splashes of beautiful antique furniture.


Brazil is famous for it’s buffet style restaurants, ca;;ed restaurante por quilo, where you pay by the kilo. Caleiro is one of the best, and features a wide variety of light dishes and organic fresh dishes. It’s also a less expensive option for the area, but no flavor is lost.


A beautiful little French restaurant run by one of the best chefs in Brazil, Claude Troisgros. What’s interesting is that the French food cooked here is incorporated with Brazilian food traditions, making for a very unique experience.


You can’t not try a traditional Brazilian steak house while in Rio, and Porcao is definitely one of the best. Porcao actually translates into “big pic”, which is fitting with as much pork as is served here. This restaurant also has locations in Miami and New York.


Sudbrack offers a very unique dining experience in that it is located in the beautiful botanical gardens in Rio, and it offers a contemporary take on classic style dishes. It’s ranked # 285 out of 888 restaurants in Rio.

April 2012 Hotel of the Month: Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo

Location: Rua Vittorio Fasano, 88, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Number of Rooms: 64

Rating: 5 Stars

Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo

As if Sao Paulo wasn’t already one of the coolest cities in Brazil, it’s also home to one of the coolest hotels – Fasano Hotel Sao Paulo. This hotel features 25 floors of phenomenal rooms each with their own stunning view of the city. The rooms are decorated in a unique subtle yet stylish décor, including beautiful Venetian framed pictures, Murano vases, flat screen televisions, and Persian rugs. You’ll also find ultimate comfort is the main theme here, with 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets, goose down pillows, towel warmers, bidets, room service, and much more. Outside of your room, relaxation can be sought in the indoor pool, hotel spa, and massage services.

Hotel Fasano Guest Room

Hotel Fasano Indoor Pool

When it comes to food and drink, nothing beats Fasano. The restaurant and bar, located on the ground floor of the hotel, are 2 of the best the country of Brazil has to offer. The restaurant, Nonno Ruggero, offers gourmet Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the breakfast is free to all guests. The bar and lounge is sensational, featuring well known performers on a regular basis, mouthwatering drinks, and an ambiance that’s like no other. No wonder it’s been voted number one bar in the world by The English Magazine Wallpaper. Take a look below:

Hotel Fasano Bar and Lounge


The prices are steep at this hotel, 5 Star Hotel steep, but if you can afford some luxury on your trip to Sao Paulo staying at this hotel is definitely the way to do it!

  • Amenities Include:
  • Indoor Pool
  • Spa
  • Massage
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Room Service
  • Parking
  • Babysitting
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant
  • Air Conditioning
  • Flat Screen TV’s
  • Cable