Amazon National Park

Known as the “Green Inferno”, the Amazonia (Amazon) National Park covers almost 40% of Brazil’s entire landmass. It reaches into parts of 7 of Brazil’s 27 states. The Amazon is breathtaking and massive, home to thousands of species of animals and birds, plants and vegetation. It’s truly breathtaking and quite an experience to see. 

Although the Amazon mostly spreads through Brazil, it also reaches into bordering countries, including Bolivia, Columbia and Peru. Whether you love nature, or you don’t, you will surely find the Amazon to be captivating and unique. You can bird watch, hike, participate in extreme activities (zip-lining, mountain climbing etc.) or take boat trips down the river right into the wild rainforest. It’s something you need to see and experience to really be able to understand how breathtaking this natural paradise is. You will never forget this incredible experience.

There are several national parks throughout the Amazon rainforest. There are so many places to see in the rainforest that the parks are a great start. The ones listed below are the Brazilian parks, there are also some in the neighboring countries of Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru. A few of the best ones are listed below.

Serra do Divisor National Park
The Serra do Divisor National Park shares a border with Peru. The park is deep inside the Amazon Rain Forest and is can be a little hard to reach. Serra do Divisor National Park is very important for the West Indian Manatee conservation.

Cabo Orange National Park
Cabo Orange is the only national park that resides on the Atlantic coast. The wildlife and vegetation found here are a little different than all the other parks because of the Atlantic Ocean’s influence. You can only get to the park by boat, hop on at the Oiapuque City in the Amapa state. If you’re interested in ecosystems, this park will surely please, as you can see the influences of the rainforest meet the ocean.

Tumucumaque Mountains National Park
This landmass is very sacred and is preserved and protected well. As of recent, there has been no official visitor center yet because the area just opened for tourism in 2002. The majority of the park is in Brazil and spreads to French Guiana on the north. To visit Tumucumaque Mountains National Park you have two choices to start your journey, either from Macapa (capital of the Amapa state) or Oiapoque, the same city that serves as a base for the Cabo Orange National Park .

Cantão State Park
This state protected national park is located in the Brazilian state of Tocantins. The park is at the entrance of the Amazon rainforest, and shows the transition from the Cerrado ecosystem (a savanna-like ecosystem in middle of Brazil ) and the rainforest. This is one of the newest national parks in Brazil, but has a tourist center to help with maps and information. To visit the park, make your way to the Tocantins state capital of Palmas.

Jau National Park
This park near the city of Manaus, which is a full service, busy and bustling city with any accommodations and services a tourist could need. Jau National Park is well developed, and has plenty of transportation options and activities. There are rivers you can explore by canoes and boats. If you have a large enough group you can even rent your own private boat for day or overnight trips.

A full service tourist destination, Mamiraua is breathtaking and unique, offering a floating hotel! This area of the rainforest is arguably its most beautiful area. The whole region is on a flooded forest, you can either enter on a canoe, or if you don’t mind getting a little dirty, wear proper shes and you can walk down a marked trail. To get to Mamiraua, go to the City of Tefe , in the Amazonas State.

There are endless places that you can visit in the Amazon’s National Parks. In addition there’s the Iguassu Falls nearby, including the tallest waterfall in the world, ‘Salto Angel; on the Colombian side. There are also still present day authentic indigenous tribes in some places and you can observe their rituals live. There’s plenty to see and experience no matter where you choose to go.