Pantanal: Adventure Awaits You

For the outdoor enthusiasts, the daring adventurers, and the nature and wildlife lovers – Pantanal is the place. A South American region, based mainly in Brazil, Pantanal is a freshwater wetland that is teeming with beautiful animals and lush landscapes. It’s actually thought to make up about 3 percent of Earths wetlands, and has been rumored to actually be an old inland sea. All this makes it one of Brazil’s most popular tourist attractions, and one of its most exciting!

To reach Pantanal in Brazil, you’ll need to get to the gateway city called Corumba. You can reach Corumba easily by plane, bus, train, or car. Once there, you can then catch a bus to Pantanal. You’re next step is to snag a local tour guide to lead you in to Pantanal. Your best bet is to hire a tracker from one of the trusted local tour companies here. They’ll be able to take you on a safe guided tour and help you truly experience all that this beautiful area has to offer.

Now get ready to see some unique and gorgeous wildlife up close and in person. Yacare Caiman (a type of crocodile), Capybara (giant rodents), otters, Howler Monkeys,  beautiful birds of all types, and even Piranha and Anaconda are just some of the animals you’ll get to experience on your tour. When you’re not staring in amazement at all the above ground animals, take a glimpse into the waters below you – there are actually over 263 known types of fish in Pantanal! Truly amazing. You may even be one of the lucky few to glimpse an undiscovered species for the first time.

Let us not forget the fishing! If you’re a fishing enthusiast, Pantanal is the place to be! Be sure to plan your trip during the months of March through October as this is the season for sport fishing (all catch and release) in the area. Some of the species you may see are: Jau, tiger cat fish, Dourado, Pacu, and Piranha. The fishing trip of a lifetime for any fisherman! can help you schedule your trip today

Adventure, excitement, breathtaking beauty, and even a splash of mystery – Pantanal is one of the most memorable and unique places you could visit in all of Brazil.