Recife: The Business Professional’s Retreat

Holding the stake as of one of Brazil’s largest and most important business centers, Recife stays pretty busy. With two international ports, an international airport, and a large information technology district (“Porto Digital”) that features locations for technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, and Dell, this is truly a booming and ever-expanding city. The Federal University of Pernambuco, the Brazilian state in which Recife is capital, even has what is considered the best computer-science departments in Latin America. You’ll also find that the industrial area of Recife is busy manufacturing textiles, automotive parts, and even chocolate. Recife certainly isn’t “all work and no play”, however. Locals traveling business professionals play just as hard as they work.

There always seems to be a celebration of some sort in Recife, including extensive and widely popular Carnival celebrations. The parties and preparations for Carnival begin in December here, and last all the way until the week before Ash Wednesday – then the real Carnival celebration begins. The time leading up to Carnival consists of bands practicing in local clubs, bars, and in the streets, balls, and festive parties. When official Carnival time approaches, downtown Recife hosts a giant party to kick off the celebration called Galo da Madrugada. If you truly want to experience a grand and exciting Carnival, book a room at one of Recife’s many wonderful hotels and experience the party of a lifetime!

Museums, shopping, restaurants, and other cultural hotspots are also in abundance in this beautiful city. For a unique sightseeing experience, check out the Sinagoga Kahal Zur Israel, the America’s oldest known synagogue. The Gilberto Freyre Foundation is also a worthwhile visit as it features book collections and arts and crafts from this famous Brazilian writer all located in his old home. All in all there are 38 art galleries, 40 cinema theatres, 25 museums, and 1 opera house located in Recife and surrounding areas. Enough to keep any tourist busy!

The cuisine found in Recife is truly phenomenal. You’ll taste a variety of flavors in the local dishes offered here that boast delightful culinary touches inherited from Recife’s Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Africans history. Typical ingredients found in popular dishes range from coconut, corn, and yams to lobster, goat, and beef. Many of these dishes are served with Farofa, a flour mixture containing a range of delicious spices. With over 1500 bars and restaurants to choose from you’re sure to get your fill of the array of delicious traditional and regional specialties found here!

Recife doesn’t lack in the beautiful and relaxing beach department either with 3 beaches to choose from: Boa Viagem Beach, Brasilia Teimosa Beach, and Pina Beach. Boa Viagem Beach, being the most popular of the 3 beaches, is one of the most urban beaches in Brazil. Vendors selling delicious food and local delicious coconut water are plenty. Taking a swim in the beautiful waters, mostly protected by a coral reef wall, is something you’ll want to be sure and do. Be careful not to swim past the coral reef, however, as there have been reports of Bull sharks in the area.

Recife is certainly a cultural, business, and tourism mecca. With all it has to offer, it shouldn’t be passed up during your Brazilian adventures.