Brazil is gearing up for the 2016 Summer Olympics, and has now  has revealed its plans for “ambitious hiring goals” for the next year. 224 professional positions will be up for grabs within 2013. By the year 2016, the committee expects to employ some 4,000 people.

A range of areas will be covered in the job postings: engineers, medical staff , technicians, journalists, transportation specialists, and more. All positions are open to non-Brazilian professionals, however in order to qualify for hiring for most positions the applicant must be fluent in Portuguese. The positions that do not require Portuguese language skills are available for viewing on the English version of the Rio 2016 site. Out of country hires will also be assisted by Brazil in obtaining work Visa’s. The Olympic Organizing Committee is remaining hopeful that the promise of a unique cultural exchange, paired with attractive wages, will persuade applicants from all over the world.

Applications have already started pouring in, with the Systems Assistant position having received 2,433 applications, Licensing Manager 1,611 and a Sponsors Relations Specialist 1,471 submissions. By the end of 2012, 371 employees had already been hired, working on new stadiums and infrastructure projects of the like.

The Olympics are always a great economic booster worldwide, especially in the host country. Brazilians expect to see a definite economy boost with the job opportunities made available by the games.

If you are interested in applying for a position in the 2016 Rio Olympics, please visit:

Golf Course Design Selected for 2016 Rio Olympics

Hanse Golf Course Design, a US based company, has been selected to design the 2016 Olympics golf course in Rio. The company was selected out of eight finalists for their proposal that featured the best design features and that highlighted the natural dunes and land contours. This golf course will feature the first Olympic golf tournaments in 112 years.

President of Rio 2016™, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, stated “As it marks the return of golf to the Olympic games after over a century of absence, this course represents the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the sport.” Peter Dawson, president of the IGF stated “The IGF would like to thank all of the architects who worked hard on their bids and whose presentations demonstrated great vision. The selection process adopted by Rio 2016™ was extremely thorough and reflected the importance of the project. I am delighted Hanse Golf Course Design has been appointed to design the Olympic golf course which promises to provide an outstanding venue for the Games and a tremendous legacy for our sport in Brazil.”

The president of Hanse Golf Course Design has designed a number of renowned golf courses, and was voted “Architect of the Year” by Golf Magazine in 2009. Castle Stuart golf course in Scotland was also considered “Bes t New International Course” in the same year. Hanse will be working closely with LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famer, Amy Alcott, on the project. Close attention will also be paid to keep current environmental conditions and land as unchanged as possible. Gilbert Hanse will be relocation to Rio during the course’s build.

The Barra da Tijuca district of Rio will host the new golf course, which coincidentally is the where most of the 2016 games will be held. Once the Olympics in 2016 are over, the course will be used as a public facility in an attempt to increase golf’s popularity in Brazil.

2016 Summer Olympics to be Held in Rio de Jainero

Start packing your bags and planning your trip to Rio now! In the summer of 2016, Rio de Jainero will proudly host the Olympics! This will actually be the first time the Olympics will be held in a South American country, and Brazilians couldn’t be more excited! Most of the Olympic events and the Olympic village will be hosted in the Barra da Tijuca district of Rio, while the rest will be featured in Copacabana Beach, Deodoro, and Marcana.

Note the pictures shown above – this will be the Rio 2016 Olympic torch! This is definitely one of the most unique and beautiful Olympic torches ever designed and is a sure sign of more great things to come as the city prepares for its guests.

All together 28 sports are on the schedule for the 2016 games, two of them being new to the roster: Golf and Rugby Sevens. Tiger Woods is even expected to compete. This should all make more some exciting competition!

Rio’s logo is noteworthy as well (see below) as it incorporates both the Olympics and Rio extremely well in its design. The logo was designed by an agency named Tatil, and represents contagious energy, harmonious diversity, Olympic spirit, and exuberant nature. The colors are yellow, green, and blue and display three figures embracing in a hug. It’s pretty neat how this was done because it also represents Sugarloaf Mountain.

Rio is sure not to disappoint as 2016 Olympic host city. Olympians and attendees the world over will be wowed by the superb hospitality found throughout Brazil, the energy and life felt in the streets of Rio, and the pure beauty of this city. Can’t wait to see what Rio has in store for us all!

Stay tuned for updates, news, and stories as we follow Rio’s preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.