Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

Arpoador Beach, Rio de Janerio

Arpoador Beach takes over 800 meters of coastline that includes the infamous areas of Ipanema and Leblon beaches. The beach is peaceful, although sometimes crowded. People love to jump off of the rocks on the coastline into the ocean. The Arpoador Stone in Rio de Janeiro is a rock formation that peaks out high above the Atlantic ocean. The rock is as large as a football field and marks the border of the Ipanema – Arpoador coastline. Waves on the beach can be large, and surfers often ride them.

To the left of Arpoador’s Rock is Do Diabo beach (Devil’s beach). Even though it’s small in size, it has it’s own beach. The waves are this end, and very good for surfing.

Praia do Diabo beach is another beach on the coastline, set between the coastlines of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. You can enter this beach through a small path in a green park. You’ll find some street vendors here to purchase small snacks and frozen coconut water.