Copacabana Beach: The Most Famous of Them All

One of the most popular and infamous beaches in the world, Copacabana beach in Brazil is the most famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. The beach area is brimming with sun-soaking activities by day, plenty of restaurants, and wild nightlife for those seeking to party.

Although the beach takes over a large strip of coastline, it can be extremely crowded during the Summer season. But it makes for great people watching, plenty of outdoor activities and water sports. The huge size makes it possible to hold festivals on the sand during Carnival, New Years Eve and International soccer tournaments, bringing in millions of people annually.

Take a stroll down the beach-lined sidewalk (Calçadão) and you will see gorgeous people from all around the world, and even a few celebrities, especially during soccer season. Copacabana beach is really quite the scene. It is the perfect place for a tourist who really wants to see the essence of Rio. The strip behind the beach is similar to that of Miami Beach, and is filled with hotels, restaurants and plenty of shopping and nightlife.

Bring an open mind, don’t mind the crowds, and enjoy this beautiful strip of Rio!