Five of Our Favorite Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is beach country. There are more beaches located in the country than you’ll probably ever visit. They aren’t just an important pastime for tourists, they are also important to locals. Brazil has over 8,000 km of coastline and thousands of beaches, most of them you’ll probably never visit. That’s why it’s important to visit the best beaches Brazil has to offer. Hera are some of our favorites:

Praia do Toque, Alagoas

Here lies 15 km of beach protected by reef and lack of highway. Those who know about it know that to get there you need to turn off the highway and take the local road into the trees and villages. 20 minutes north of the beach is a manatee sanctuary that can easily be reached, and you can hire a fishing boat at low tide and visit the tidal pools. What’s more is that the water at this beach is always, always warm.

Caraiva, Bahia

There’s no motorized transport allowed on this beach – so quiet breezes and water prevail. Oh, and the sound of mules pulling carts, which are the only alternative to walking. The beach is long, more than a days walk in both directions, and you’re surrounded by nothing but goal posts and golden sand.

Bonete, Sao Paulo State

Walking the paths to reach this beach is half the fun, you’ll pass waterfalls and beautiful coastal forest. Once you reach the beach, it’s nothing but blue waters and golden sand. This is a great surfing spot as well. You can camp on the beach, rent a canoe, or just lay in the sun and soak up some rays.

Taipus de Fora, Marau peninsula, Bahia

This beach stretches for 1,100 km of coastline. Beautiful reef pools can be found here, and a huge pool offers great snorkeling and viewing of tropical fish. There’s even a bar in front of the reef pool, Bar das Meninas, that has some fabulous seafood and cocktails. The beach is also notoriously beautiful at night.

Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

This is a continuance of Ipanema beach, and it’s strikingly beautiful. Surfers and local bathers love this spot of beach as well because the tides are great and the rays of sun are just right. The Azul Marinho restaurant also sits on the beach, where you can enjoy a great beach cocktail and some fresh prawns. You may even catch a local band of musicians practicing, or young children practicing capoeira (Brazilian dance fighting).

Caraiva, Bahia Beach – Brazil

These white sands and clear blue waters are home to a small village. Caraiva is quiet, quaint, and peaceful. Come here if you’re looking to get away, prance around freely and comfortably and not be judged by anyone. Don’t forget to check out the Quadrado, which is the main square lined with colorful houses and a little white church overlooking the ocean.

Trancoso is one area of Bahia, and is most famous for its white, serene beaches. Most of the beaches are protected by reefs and form natural swimming pools at low tide. Some of the best beaches in the area are listed here:

Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach)

This is the most famous beach of Trancoso. It has powder white sand beaches and natural warm swimming pools created by reefs at low tide. Praia do Espelho is located about a half an hour from Trancoso, following a winding dirt roat that is only accessible during sunny dry weather.

Praia dos Coqueiros (Palmtree Beach)

Praia dos Coqueiros is a small beach with medium waves. There are more than a hundred palm trees lining this beach, which explains why it got the nickname.

Praia da Pedra Grande (Big Rock Beach)

About a kilometer away from Praia Coqueiros, this beach is narrow and smaller than the others mentioned. It doesn’t draw many tourists, so if you’re looking for quiet time and privacy head this way. Although quiet, you will find restaurants, beachbars and some beach hotels along the coast. This is the last beach in this sequence where you’ll find these amenities. As you cruise down further the beaches get more remote and don’t have anything to purchase, so you’ll have to take along your own snacks and drinks for the day. If you’re looking to bathe topless, head down further.

Praia dos Nativos (Local beach)

Praias dos Nativos is perhaps the most famous beache of Trancoso. It’s hip and busy, and you’ll find the most hotels, beachbars, and restaurants here.