Rainy Day Activities in Rio

We always wish you sunshine during your visit to Rio, but inevitably you’ll experience a rainy day or two. Don’t look at it as a day-destroyer, instead look at it as an opportunity to explore all that Rio has to offer indoors! Here we’ve compiled a list of 8 things to keep you busy on a wet day.

1. Visit the Banco do Brazil (Brazil’s Bank Cultural Center). There’s usually expositions being held here, as well as a cafe, a book shop, and a souvenir shop.

2. Shop till you drop at one of Rio’s top shopping destinations, such as Rio Sul Shopping which has 400 stores, or Leblon with its 200 stores. This could be the perfect time to catch up on your Brazilian fashion or pick up some knick knacks.

3. Cozy up at one of Rio’s many cafes. Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of coffee in the world – they know coffee! Spend the day sipping coffee, people watching, and catching up on Rio’s gossip.

4. Visit the Museu Histórico Nacional (National History Museum) and learn something about Brazil’s rich and colorful history. This museum tells the story since the country’s birth and isn’t something you’ll want to miss, rain or shine!

5. Go bar hopping. Brazil has a vibrant beach scene during the day, and just as vibrant of a nighttime bar scene. Perfect time to learn to Samba!

6. Take a guided tour of the Theatro Municipal. It was just renovated in 2010, and has even hosted President Obama at one of its performances. Tours are just R$10.

7. Catch an Indie film at one of Rio’s art house theaters. Most of the films will have Portuguese subtitles, making it a perfect time to brush up on learning Portuguese, right?

8. If it’s a lighter rain, try taking a walk through the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens. The plants are beautiful, and the cost is only R$5 per person. A refreshing and cool way to spend the day.