Top 5 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

The Botanical Gardens

Visiting the Botanical Gardens in Rio is like taking a trip to a different world all together. When you first enter the main gate, there are several paths to take, with each path leading to a different area of the gardens that has a different theme. It’s best to head out early in the morning and beat the crowds so you can leisurely stroll through. The park is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm and is only R$4 per person, with seniors over 60 and children under 7 getting in free.

Santa Teresa

If you’re looking for something unique and different, try exploring the Bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa in Rio. This particular area is home to many artists. Here you can see beautiful historic houses, view unique art expos, or stop by for a drink at Bar do Mineiro. You can also visit Museu Chácara do Céu, which has some unique art expositions, including photos of old Rio. Remember not to travel within this district alone at night for safety reasons, but don’t shy from night visitation either – the neighborhood comes alive with Samba music!

Artisan Market

There is an artisan market, the Feira Hippie, that is a Sunday tradition dating from the 1970’s. It features an entire plaza filled with unique artwork, jewelry, clothing, and even furniture. Products are often times more expensive at this market than other places, however, due to it becoming a popular tourist spot. The market is set up and takes place every Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.


Since 1984, the Sambodromo has been the location for Rio’s world famous Carnival event. During Carnival off-season, the stadium still hosts other events and concerts. If you happen to be in the area within a few months prior to Carnival, you can even visit the stadium and watch the Samba schools rehearse for the big event. There’s nothing like it!

Ipanema Beach

Rio is extremely famous for its beaches, of course. It’s smack dab in between Copacabana and Leblon beaches. Here you can catch some rays, brave the waves on a surfboard (or watch the brave surfers near the rocks), play a round of “soccer in the round” on the beach, or grab a cold coconut juice and just enjoy the show. This section of the beach is also located right in front of Caesar’s Palace at Farme de Amoedo street. You’ll find a great mix of young and old and singles and families at this beach.