2014 World Cup Packages


The 20th FIFA World Cup is set to be hosted in 2014 in Brazil. Matches will be held in: Rio de Jainero, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo will be hosting the opening match to kick off the games on June 12, 2014.

The World Cup is notoriously difficult and expensive to attend, but it’s not out of reach if you plan carefully and keep an eye out for deals in airfare and hotels. Starting in December 2013, FIFA will begin selling tickets; around the same time travel agencies will start to offer their World Cup travel packages. Bundling your hotels, eating, traveling, and tickets into one are the best way to save in this scenario.

Between now and opening day, we’ll be posting any and all deals, tips, tricks, gossip, discounts, and news that can help ensure you’re there in Brazil watching your favorite footballers come 2014 and experience the trip of your lifetime.

Today we’re giving a heads up on the travel companies to watch for Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 packages coming your way. The packages aren’t available yet, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as they are.









“Intelligent Uniforms” Help Prevent School Truancy

Sao Paolo, Brazil appears to be ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to preventing repeated school truancy by its students. The school systems placed radio frequency chips in the mandated uniforms right below the coat of arms. After the child enters school, the chips sends a message to their parent’s cell phones notifying them. If the child does not arrive to school within 20 minutes of the school day beginning, parents receive a text message stating “Your child has still not arrived at school.”

This was the resolution put into place after the schools began noticing that many children would skip school, and upon the parents being questioned about it, they often had no idea and would be surprised at the amount of times their children were reported absent. With the new chips in place, which cost about $670,000 to test and manufacture, the parents will be notified each time a child is absent. If a child is absent more than 3 times, the parents will be asked to explain the absences, and if they cannot the school may notify the authorities to further evaluate the situation.

The uniforms can be washed and ironed without causing any harm, and are similar in design to those that have gained popularity over the years as pet-tracking devices.

April 2012 Hotel of the Month: Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo

Location: Rua Vittorio Fasano, 88, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Number of Rooms: 64

Rating: 5 Stars

Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo

As if Sao Paulo wasn’t already one of the coolest cities in Brazil, it’s also home to one of the coolest hotels – Fasano Hotel Sao Paulo. This hotel features 25 floors of phenomenal rooms each with their own stunning view of the city. The rooms are decorated in a unique subtle yet stylish décor, including beautiful Venetian framed pictures, Murano vases, flat screen televisions, and Persian rugs. You’ll also find ultimate comfort is the main theme here, with 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets, goose down pillows, towel warmers, bidets, room service, and much more. Outside of your room, relaxation can be sought in the indoor pool, hotel spa, and massage services.

Hotel Fasano Guest Room

Hotel Fasano Indoor Pool

When it comes to food and drink, nothing beats Fasano. The restaurant and bar, located on the ground floor of the hotel, are 2 of the best the country of Brazil has to offer. The restaurant, Nonno Ruggero, offers gourmet Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the breakfast is free to all guests. The bar and lounge is sensational, featuring well known performers on a regular basis, mouthwatering drinks, and an ambiance that’s like no other. No wonder it’s been voted number one bar in the world by The English Magazine Wallpaper. Take a look below:

Hotel Fasano Bar and Lounge


The prices are steep at this hotel, 5 Star Hotel steep, but if you can afford some luxury on your trip to Sao Paulo staying at this hotel is definitely the way to do it!

  • Amenities Include:
  • Indoor Pool
  • Spa
  • Massage
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Room Service
  • Parking
  • Babysitting
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant
  • Air Conditioning
  • Flat Screen TV’s
  • Cable


5 “Must Do” Things in São Paulo

Sao Paulo is a giant city, there’s no arguing that. For the traveler that has limited time this can be a nightmare, especially with all the attractions, museums, and events Sao Paulo has to offer. So, what to do in this busy urban city? Here’s five things that are definitely worth your while.

1. Banco Santander Building – The layout of this city is truly a thing to behold. Seeing it from ground level is one thing, but seeing it from a birds eye view is something completely different. If you don’t want to fork out the money for a helicopter ride, go to the Banco Santander building. When you arrive, take the elevator all the way to the top. The view is simply amazing, especially if you go at sunset. You’ll truly find it hard to believe that there was no admission fee.

2. Oscar Freire – Some would say Oscar Freire in São Paolo blows Rodeo Drive out of the water. Oscar Freire is a street that features all the big name designers and displays all the latest in Brazilian style. Even if you’re not a fashion enthusiast, simply go here to people watch.

3. Art Fairs– Various art fairs have a habit of springing up randomly all over the city. One of the oldest and most regular art fairs is held on weekends in a parking lot adjacent to Praça Republica , downtown São Paulo. Keep your eyes and ears open and you are sure to find more. Catching one of these is definitely worth your time.

4. Sala São Paulo – Originally built between 1926 and 1938 for use as an import/export railway terminal, the Sala São Paulo was eventually converted into a cultural center which now houses the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra. Not only is this building architecturally gorgeous, but the beautiful sounds one can experience here are phenomenal. It’s actually thought to boast the best acoustics in South America.

5. Mercado Municipal – Don’t forget about the food! Exotic foods and spices, miscellaneous merchandise, vendor samples, and people watching all under one roof! Not to mention the beautiful building. You are sure to see foods here you didn’t even know existed, some even fresh in from the Amazonian rainforest! The Mercado Municipal is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Brazil Hotel Recommendations

While Brazil certainly doesn’t lack in things to do, like their beautiful sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, tropical rainforests, and delicious food, eventually you’ll need to put your feet up. Brazil has an abundance of luxury and affordable hotels to help you do just that! If you’ve never been to Brazil, though, finding the right hotel can be a daunting task. Here are some recommendations, sorted by city, that can help make it easier.

Rio de Janeiro

Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel (4 Star): This 117 room hotel is nestled right in the famous Copacabana district and is right on the waterfront. Kick your feet up and enjoy the hotel’s rooftop leisure facilities, private beach service, and abundant wining and dining options. The Porto Bay Rio is well known for its personalized service and high level security to ensure your safety. For the women, they even provide a special touch: fresh flowers, chocolates, bathrobes, and slippers.

Promenade Casa del Mar Hotel(3 Star): This hotel is perfect for those looking to spend less but not lose the comfort of a superb hotel. Located in the Barra da Tijuca district, this hotel overlooks the ocean. With its many amenities, such as a gym, sauna, pool, internet access, barbecue area, and coffee shop, you’re sure to enjoy your stay.

Sao Paulo

Maksoud Plaza Hotel (5 Star): Right in the heart of Sao Paulo, this business class hotel screams convenience and comfort. All guestrooms are equipped with satellite television and internet access and voicemail service. You’ll find they offer superb personal services, such as babysitting services, 24 hour room service, laundry and dry cleaning services, salon, and others. In need of some relaxation? Try their massage services, jacuzzi, spa, and indoor pool. The Maksoud Plaza hotel is perfect for business trips or vacations.


Naoum Plaza Hotel (5 Star):

The Naoum Plaza Hotel has certainly earned its 5 star rating. If you don’t fall in love with the beautiful guest rooms, you are sure to enjoy their world class services, such as massage, jacuzzi, laundry service, salon, hotel bar and restaurant, sauna, and hotel shops.

Amazon Rainforest

The Ariau Amazon Towers: If you’re looking to get out of the city and explore some of Brazil’s breathtaking Amazon rainforest, this hotel is sure to enhance your experience even more. The Ariau is the world’s largest tree top hotel and is simply stunning. Not only do you get to sleep in an incredibly unique hotel, but they offer one of a kind services: Canoe trips, piranha fishing, swimming with pink dolphins, helicopter rides, and much more! Plus, you can’t beat their fabulous Brazilian wining and dining!

São Paulo’s Vibrant Social Scene

São Paulo—Fast-paced financial hub, trendy hot fashions, amazing food, golden beaches, raging nightlife and contemporary art.

Brazil’s two largest, and most famous cities, could not be more different. In Rio de Janiero the office is the beach, in São Paulo, Brazil’s most cosmopolitan city, the office is a religion. The chaotic fast-paced financial epicenter of São Paulo Brazil has something for everyone. The city is full of arts, food, architecture, shopping (amazing fashion week) and friendly people. São Paulo is the 19th richest city in the world, and expected to be the 13th by year 2020. It’s the Manhattan of South America.

São Paulo is 800 square miles shared by more than 16 million people of vast ethnic diversity: Italians, Germans, Portuguese, Africans, and surprising to most, the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. The city is rich in history and has a lot of character. I think São Paulo should be a stop on everyone’s visit to Brazil, even if you’re coming for the sole purpose of white sand beaches, sambas, carnivals and rhinestone covered barely there bikinis, I definitely recommend a few days in the city.

Like New York City, much of São Paulo’s pulsing energy is due to its congestion. São Paulo’s endless streets conform to no clean cut grid, so blocks upon blocks of high-rises, many of them washed in pastels or sprayed with confetti mosaics stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Greenery is not common, but is beautiful and can be found in the 19th-century neighborhood of Higienópolis, in the unmissable gardens of the Fundação Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano (There are said to be 50 species of birds here), or in upper-class areas like Jardins and Morumbi.

There has been a great influx of international restaurants in the city over the last few years. São Paulo has great fresh Sushi imported daily thanks to the large Japanese population, Italian, French, Spanish tapas, and everything in between. The Mercado Municipal, in the city’s center, is a place where international diversity is clear.  You can find Italian-imports of cheese and oils, beer gardens full with Belgium’s best brews, Portuguese olive-oil and salt-cod vendors, and fresh local Amazonian fruit and vegetable stands. The crowd noise is deafening and the colors frenzied, making it an easy place to get lost in the crowds and soak in the authenticity of the city.

For those who are into nightlife, there is plenty to do all night long in São Paulo. Locals work very hard, but they play harder. There are attractions to satisfy all tastes. Check out the local newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, it’s published every Friday and provides the week’s entertainment. Certain neighborhood’s in the city have earned reputations as being the place to be; many of the most popular dance clubs can be found in the Vila Olímpia district, and some of the best venues for live music can be found in Pinheiros and Vila Madalena.

Brazil is famous for it’s beaches, and São Paulo has some of the best. Praia do Encanto Beach (The Portuguese name for this beach actually means ‘charm beach’ in English) is beautiful! Also known as 5th beach, this spot is famous for its quiet nature, tranquility and relaxing. The beach has been kept true to nature by the nearby town of Garapua, and visitors will be able to get here through a hotel transportation service, since it’s a little bit out of the way to reach by taxi. Bring a book and a large towel, and some snacks, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy nature. If you’re looking for a busier, more touristy beach then go down to one of the Caraguatatuba Beaches, located off the North Coast of São Paulo. There are plenty of beach side activities, restaurants and services available to tourists here.

As you can see, São Paulo truly has it all – it’s cosmopolitan with arts, great food, nightlife and great beaches.