5 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro You Must Try


If you’re looking for some Portuguese fair, Antiquarius is the place to go.  It’s rather pricey, but the food is fantastic, such as their scene stealing Bacalhau a Lagareiro – a cod fish entree. The ambience seems calm, cool, and collected – with splashes of beautiful antique furniture.


Brazil is famous for it’s buffet style restaurants, ca;;ed restaurante por quilo, where you pay by the kilo. Caleiro is one of the best, and features a wide variety of light dishes and organic fresh dishes. It’s also a less expensive option for the area, but no flavor is lost.


A beautiful little French restaurant run by one of the best chefs in Brazil, Claude Troisgros. What’s interesting is that the French food cooked here is incorporated with Brazilian food traditions, making for a very unique experience.


You can’t not try a traditional Brazilian steak house while in Rio, and Porcao is definitely one of the best. Porcao actually translates into “big pic”, which is fitting with as much pork as is served here. This restaurant also has locations in Miami and New York.


Sudbrack offers a very unique dining experience in that it is located in the beautiful botanical gardens in Rio, and it offers a contemporary take on classic style dishes. It’s ranked # 285 out of 888 restaurants in Rio.