Colin Firth’s Fight to Save the Awa Tribe of Brazil

Actor Colin Firth, star of The Kings Speech and other movies, has launched a fight to save the Awa tribe of Brazil. Illegal loggers have been killing members of the tribe upon sight. Firth’s campaign is to prevent the tribe from being “wiped out” as he stated. “One man can stop this Brazil’s Minister of Justice. He can send in the federal police to catch the loggers, and keep them out for good. But we need enough people to message him. This is our chance, right now, to actually do something. And if enough people show they care, it will work,” stated Firth.

The Awa are a peaceful hunting and gathering tribe located in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest that consists of about 360 peoples, and as of right now they are the most endangered tribe on this Earth. Their forest is currently being wiped out much quicker than an other Amazon tribe’s land. This situation is so dire, that Brazilian experts have been throwing around the words “genocide” and “extinction”.

Firth’s campaign is being run by Survival International, which is an organization who campaigns for tribal rights internationally. The director of Survival International was quoted as saying, “The Awá are threatened by the armed loggers, but also by our own apathy. Yet these campaigns have been repeatedly shown to be successful. If enough people, in Brazil and around the world, show they care, Awá children will be able to grow up in peace on their own land. That’s been proved over and over again.”

If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit You can also view the YouTube video they produced with Colin Firth by clicking the link below. At the end, you’ll have an option to send a message to Brazil’s minister of justice asking him to stop the loggers wiping out the forests and this tribe.