Taipus de Fora Beach

This 7km long beach is one of the most beautiful and most popular on the Bahia peninsula of Brazil. White beaches, beautiful blue water, and a generally great beach atmosphere contributed to it being voted the sixth most beautiful beach in Brazil.

One of the neatest features found here are the natural pools formed at low tide between the coral reefs. These pools boast crystal clear water and colorful water fauna, making them a perfect location for snorkeling. These pools are best enjoyed during the full moon and new moon when the tides are highest.

Taipus de Fora is also conveniently located near some great Brazilian neighborhoods. It has regular transport to the Peninsula of Marau, the town of Barra Grande, the towns of Taipus de Dentro and Campinho, the forest of Giants Bromeliads, and more!

And last but not least – the blue lagoon. The lagoon is located at the southernmost end of the beach. It has fresh water rich in lanolin, which is great for relaxing in after swimming in the ocean. There is also a beautiful lighthouse nearby, the Moor do Farol, which offers spectacular and full views of other beaches from Ponta do Muta to Itacare.